• Country:
  • Year:
  • Length:
    40 min
  • Direction:
    Elena Culic
    Toma Pan
    Vasiluța Vasilache
  • Stage:
  • Production:
    Moldox Association


Happyland is a full-length eco-feminist film, which was shot in parallel in several localities of the Republic of Moldova. Three creative women who want to know what happiness is, face the fact that in words happiness is for everyone, instead of reality, and they want to realize where the root of this optical illusion lies. Together with the directors, questions about the nature of happiness and love are answered by speakers of different languages, residents and guests of the Republic of Moldova, representatives of various ages, genders, sexual preferences, political and religious beliefs.

*This feature documentary started as a short film that was produced in the frames of Moldox Association geared project Queer Filmmaking Workshop 2020. In the frames of the pitching event, the film won a production award for one of the most promising shorts to become feature length from the Embassy Office of the Netherlands in Chisinau.


Queer Voices IFF – Award for 2nd Best Pitch