Moldox Lab is a documentary film laboratory that aims to train and develop the skills of young filmmakers to reflect social issues through film through workshops.

INSPIRATION is designed to help young Moldovan filmmakers develop their documentary film projects. During the workshop, the young people get acquainted with all the development processes of film production and co-production; they learn to structure their ideas and put the right accents to interest the outside audience. The workshop culminates with Pitch @ MOLDOX, where documentary film projects are presented to an international jury of experts from the European documentary film industry.

EXPLORATION offers young people an introduction to the world of cinema, the basics of making a documentary film and a lot of practice through a series of field exercises. It is an intensive workshop where participants learn the techniques of documentary filming, the equipment, editing programs, and finally make a short film, with the aim of cultivating a closer look, through art, at the reality around us.

INTERACTION for civil society organizations wishing to use documentary film as a means of expression and a tool for raising public awareness. During the workshop, the participants learn to produce quality audio-visual materials for the online environment; to use video equipment and video editing programs and most importantly learn the storytelling technique, to represent as convincingly as possible the cause for which he fights.